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When care comes first,
we will all move forward.

Everything starts with our people. Our unique way of doing things born from our culture, for all teams and locations. A promise to each other and customers and used as a tool to guide our day-to-day.


We start everything
with people.

We only move forward if we’ve put others' needs first.

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We stay mission critical.

We take it seriously, demand accuracy and do it urgently, every day.


We open doors
for anyone.

We try harder so more people can reach their best.


We think in lifetimes.

We build what lasts so we can be there for life.


We thrive in change.

We seek out what’s next, because people’s health depends on it.

Who cares about your benefits?

We do.

Sports & Health

Your well-being is our top priority. Therefore, we offer you a range of opportunities to improve your health and to exercise.


Depending on the location, we offer you travel allowances, the provision of a job ticket for public transport and free parking.

Work from home

If your job does not require you to be present in the office, we can arrange remote work individually - even for up to 20 days a year anywhere in the EU.

Personal development

We are all constantly learning. That's why we support and foster your development through internal and external training.

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Healthy planet, healthy people.

Redcare is leading the way for a science-based net zero future, doing our bit to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

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All about us.

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Sustainable Development

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Human Resources

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Pharma & Customer Service

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